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Professional Tree Trimming and Pruning

Maintaining your trees is important to keep them thriving and healthy. Dead limbs should be removed as they can become hazardous and break off. Removing dead limbs will make your trees more structurally strong and stable.

Sometimes thinning is recommended if the tree is crowded with too many branches and some do not get the sunlight they require. Diseased branches or mistletoe-infested branches may need to be removed for your tree to survive and stay healthy.

If tree branches start getting too close to your roof or another structure, we can remove those to avoid the damage they can do to a roof or building if left unattended. For example, water bypassing the gutters and rolling back on the fascia and eaves.

Our team is often complimented by our customers about their pruning and shaping capabilities. We take the time to shape your trees so that they are pleasing to the eye and have a nice shape and add beauty and value to your property. We comply with ISA pruning standards. Some customers want to be able to enjoy their view. We can remove unwanted branches or prune your trees to accomplish this. This is known as vista pruning. No spurs are used to climb trees for pruning, as this can cause damage to the cambium layer.

The brush and branches can be chipped and removed or left for your use. Contact Advanced Tree Care of Roseburg or fill out our convenient online form for a FREE estimate today!

Affordable Tree Services

Our tree care family has the experience, technical knowledge, and equipment needed to handle your tree care needs. Whether it is a hazardous removal, pruning, stumps that need to be ground, or help creating defensible space for fire season. We can help with selecting the right type of trees to plant depending on your location and what you hope to gain from your trees. Stephen has 30 years of experience in all areas of tree care and will assess and give recommendations on any questions you have. He is an expert with hazardous situations, and available for emergencies.

Our crew is positive, respectful, takes pride in their work, works well as a team, and always makes safety a top priority. Good customer service is important to us and we strive to communicate well, be on time, and leave a property cleaner than it was when we started.

We are veteran owned, employ veterans, and have many family members who are now serving or are veterans. We offer discounts to our veterans or those currently serving, and we also offer senior discounts.

There are so many different types of trees, and we love all of them. It is our goal to keep our community's trees healthy, strong, and safe, as they add oxygen, beauty, shade, homes for our wildlife, privacy, and value to your property.

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